Efficient Water Bore Drilling in the Wide Bay–Burnett Area

Precise Drilling — Bore Drilling in Hervey Bay, QLD

Precise Drilling For Reliable Water Supply

At Cheyenne Drilling, we drill water bores for residential, commercial and agricultural purposes. With our international drilling expertise in Mongolia, Indonesia and Africa, plus more than 15 years’ local experience, you can count on our family owned and operated business for efficient and reliable water supply solutions. We offer our water bore drilling services throughout Wide-Bay, Bundaberg, Burnett, the Sunshine Coast, and surrounding areas.

Using modern drilling equipment and advanced techniques, we have the ability to reach depths of up to 600 metres. Prior to drilling, we perform comprehensive site assessments, which include water divining, to identify the ideal bore location. This guarantees that the drilling process is executed with precision and eliminates unnecessary excavation.

Water and mud flowing — Bore Drilling in Hervey Bay, QLD

Thorough Drilling in All Terrain

Whether in rough ground or soft sand, our versatile 4×4 rigs and McCulloch can access various types of terrain to find the ideal location for your bore hole.
At Cheyenne Drilling, we offer a comprehensive range of drilling services to meet diverse needs including:

  • Test hole drilling
  • Water Monitoring Bores
  • Domestic Bores
  • Stock Bores
  • Irrigation Bores

No matter the scale or purpose, our team is equipped to handle your drilling requirements efficiently and effectively. Book a service with our team on 0447 280 143. We have no hidden costs or fees—you only pay for what we drill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water bore drilling is drilling a hole into the ground to access groundwater. You might need it if you are in an area without easy access to municipal water supplies or a reliable water source for irrigation, livestock or other purposes.