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Project 1 — Bore Drilling in Wide Bay-Burnett, QLD

We’re Ready For Any Project

Ready to bring water to your property? Turn to the seasoned professionals at Cheyenne Drilling. For over 15 years, we have proudly served Wide-Bay Burnett locals with all their water boring requirements. With our extensive international experience in diverse regions like Mongolia, Indonesia and Africa, our team is equipped to handle any project. We offer:

As a family-owned and operated business, we uphold transparency and will never charge you any hidden costs or fees. Experience our reliable and affordable services by booking with us today on 0447 280 143. From Bunya Mountains National Park to Seventy Five Mile Beach and further afield—we are the premier drilling team in the region.

No Terrain is Too Tough

At Cheyenne Drilling, our team knows from experience that no sight is too challenging to drill. We are dedicated to locating underground water on your property, regardless of the conditions. Whether you need us to drill through sand, rocks, open fields or cramped spaces, our team has the skill to drill down and discover the water source you need.

Our specialised 4×4 drilling rigs grant us access to areas that may be inaccessible to others. With our fully trained staff, you can rely on our exceptional knowledge and expertise. We prioritise environmental preservation, striving to minimise disturbances wherever possible and leave the site clean upon completion.

Embracing the latest advancements in drilling equipment and employing cutting-edge techniques, we can drill water bores that extend 600 metres beneath the surface of your Wide Bay-Burnett property. Servicing residential, commercial and agricultural properties.

Cheyenne Drilling Truck — Bore Drilling in Wide Bay-Burnett, QLD

Our bore hole cleaning solutions breathe new life into your water supply. Experience the revitalising effects of enhanced water flow, superior water quality, blockage prevention, debris removal and a myriad of other advantages.

2 workers working on boring machine — Bore Drilling in Wide Bay-Burnett, QLD

Uncover hidden water sources effortlessly with our water divining service. Our skilled team employ non-invasive techniques that accurately identify underground water, eliminating the need for unnecessary drilling or excavation.

Water Divining — Bore Drilling in Wide Bay-Burnett, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Water boring involves using specialised drilling equipment to create a hole in the ground, allowing access to underground water reserves.

Yes, water bore cleaning is conducted with environmental considerations in mind. It is a non-invasive method that does not require drilling or excavation, minimising disturbance to the surrounding environment. Additionally, eco-friendly cleaning agents may be used to maintain environmental sustainability.

Water divining, also known as dowsing, is a method used to locate underground water sources using divining rods. It is based on the ability of the rods to respond to the presence of water through subtle movements or changes in direction.

Water divining involves holding or walking with divining rods and allowing them to move or react when passing over an underground water source. The rods are able to locate water by responding to the water’s energy and electromagnetic field.